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Social Media Management

Social Media Management is the effective management of your social media accounts by a Virtual Assistant. This includes posting, adding friends, following important sites that reach out to the customers you want, and responding to comments. You have to understand that social media is the new “press release”. It is the new advertisement for your business! If you are not on all the popular social media networks, you are missing out on thousands, or even hundreds of thousands of customers that you could be reaching out to. You use your iPhone to check your Facebook and Twitter page. Your kids use these services too! Why doesn’t your business?

I can help your business in the following ways:

1) Set up Social Media Accounts

2) Get you followers through email marketing to the right customer base

  • You pick the class of followers you want, I make it happen.

3) Post on the networks at regular intervals

  • I will post your content, or I can create the content for you.

4) Respond to comments and questions posted by your followers

  • I will effectively interact with your social media community once the followers begin to pour in.

If you want to lead your industry, Contact Me today to set up your Social Media Management Program!

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