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West Virginia virtual assistant for all your outsourcing needs!

General Business Services

When you run a business, you can successfully outsource small business tasks to an independent contractor like me. Experts and small business owners whom already outsource operations say it is a great way to free up in-house resources and get more for your money. The following are ways in which I can help your company. Fees vary from project to project, so we will discuss these on an individual basis.

Contact List – Business operations and marketing require a variety of contact lists. Customer databases, including details such as name, address, phone number, email, and/or customer id number, aid in marketing tactics by providing valuable information about customer spending. Organizing your employee list by category shows sales leaders, attendance/performance rates, or years in a department to help with evaluations and promotions. Depending your company’s needs, I can collect contacts from certain websites, such as school, sports teams, or blog owners, or I can compile lists within your organization. Previously created samples are available.

Mailing List/Mail Merge – By combining skills in Microsoft Excel and Microsoft Word, I can produce mail-merges from any mailing list. The process consists of setting up the Word file to integrate contacts from the Excel file. This makes such tasks as sending personalized e-mails, creating address labels, printing personalized letters, and addressing envelopes for mailing print materials much more efficient.

Scanning and organizing files – If your business is new, you may not have entered all records into a computer system. Outsource this task by sending the files to me in the mail, and I will enter them into the right software for you. The entry method is scanning or typing depending on the type of document and information. This is useful for inventory list and copies of customer receipts. It is also useful for maintaining an electronic backup of paper files. Destruction of paper files is common; backing up the files allows you to replace them easily.

Billing/Payroll services – Keeping track of employee records for payroll is tedious. If your company does not have an accounting department you may find yourself spending many hours on these tasks. Eliminate this and free up your time for more important matters by outsourcing your Payroll. Using Quickbooks and other financial software, I will track employee hours and send you reports in a timely fashion so you can pay your employees.

Scheduling – I offer complete scheduling services for your company. Provide me with the information on your employees availability, your companies allowed hours and shifts, and any vacation eligibility and requests, and I will produce a high quality schedule that is easy to use and update. In addition, this service is available long-term if you prefer to continue with my services.

If you have a need for services not discussed here or on other pages within my website, please contact me using the form on the contact page. I can accommodate most needs. If I don’t already have the skill, I can learn it very quickly. I constantly seek new skills to learn and new ways to apply them.

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