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SEO Content – Why You Need It

Image of Google & Yahoo offices in Haifa. Both...

Image of Google & Yahoo offices in Haifa. Both located in the same building (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Unless you’ve lived under a rock in recent years, you’ve probably heard a lot about SEO articles and copywriting. You are probably wondering what the big fuss is all about. Well, I’ll share a few things with you that will give you a better understanding of SEO content and help you decide if it’s right for you!


What is SEO?


SEO means Search Engine Optimization. You are very familiar with Google, Yahoo, and a whole slew of other search engines if you own a webpage. SEO focuses on perfecting the content on every page of your website so search engines will move your ranking up. If you want to get to the front page on Google, you will have to follow the rules. This means you must have good SEO. You can’t have a page that is obviously overstuffed with keywords and links, so you need to make sure if you cannot do it yourself that you hire someone who can.


Features of Good SEO


When a search engine such as Google crawls a site, it is looking for some very specific things. Here are a few things that Google considers “good SEO” under their current rules:


  • Lower HTML Size


You want to make sure your page will load completely for the search engine to scan it for results. Google limits page size to about 100 KB not include images or external script, while Yahoo allows nearly 500 KB. Since images and external script are not included, text formatting is the main thing to watch.


  • Make Frequent Post and Updates


If you want to get to Google’s elusive front page, you are going to have to do some work. Including a blog and making frequent posts will keep your page active. You always rank higher with a current website. Sites that are not updated often enough end up in a secondary set of results or are left out of the index completely! This leads to lower ranking and fewer hits, and that is exactly what you do not want.


  • Stop Words and Keywords


Avoiding common stop words on your website and in your title and headings is very important. Too many stop words in your title and heading will cut your keyword density and lower your rankings. These words are left out by search engines due to the small character allowances in descriptions and titles. On the other hand, you always want to use your keyword and keyword phrases in your title and headings on your pages and posts. This will help search engines find you when there is a hit on your keywords! Page keyword density is another important issue. Keyword density that is too high is known as stuffing and hurts your ranking. If you don’t use your words and phrases enough, search engines will not find you as easily. There are many sites that allow you to check your keyword density to help make sure you have it right!


You Need SEO Writers


Many things could be said of why every company should have at least one SEO content writer if not an entire team devoted to search engine optimization. Companies pay top dollar for advertising, marketing, and other things just to get their brand out there. Companies also spend a lot of time and money to get on the first page of Google for their keywords and keyword phrases.


Hiring an Independent Contractor experienced in SEO is often the best move you ever make! They are not tied to traditional office hours. They have more methods of keyword research available to them because they have learned where to look for what they want through the various projects they have done. A Virtual Assistant can give you the proper means of getting to that first page in Google. Consider your current rankings on the various search engines. Wouldn’t you like to move up? Wouldn’t you like the customer to see your business when they search for products or services you offer? Reevaluate your marketing and advertising strategies, and I guarantee you will find that you can afford a Virtual Assistant. You will soon realize they give much more than just SEO for your company. Many assistants quickly become an invaluable resource!


If you would like to know more about my services, please visit the Services Offered page. There you will find my experience, skills, and a better description of what I can do for your company! Contact me when you are ready to discuss the virtual future of your business.





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Top Reasons to be a Freelancer

Why become a Freelancer?

There are many reasons to become a Freelancer; here are some of the best!

As you go through this life, you will face many choices when it comes to jobs and careers. Many people are choosing to become a Freelancer and not accept traditional employment. This trend has grown over the past several years. Work sites such as Elance.com, Odesk.com, and Guru.com have furthered this trend. Though there are benefits and drawbacks to both choices, here are the top reasons to become a Freelancer!

The World is Your Office

Wi-Fi for FreelancersShould you choose to step into the wide-open world of Freelancing, you will be able to break away from the mundane corporate office and step out into the open space! The freedom of the world lies before you as a Freelancer. Any place you choose to sit with your laptop and a Wi-Fi connection is your office. If you are running around doing errands, you can stop to respond to emails at most coffee shops while enjoying a relaxing latte. If you are travelling, many hotels offer a Wi-Fi connection for busy professionals. The constant ability to change scenery is sure to inspire creativity! A confining office is just how some people like it. If you enjoy the freedom of working anywhere, Freelancing could be an option. 

Financial Freedom

When you consider becoming a Freelancer, you need to know that you should have a good reserve of cash at the beginning of your venture. This is very important as it takes some time to start earning what you expect as a Freelancer. Newcomers leaving a regular job to pursue a freelance career will take about 6-12 months to learn the skills and gain the experience necessary to command a higher amount of pay per project. Depending on the experience and knowledge you already have, it is possible to start negotiating at a slightly higher pay rate. If you are like the norm, however, you will take on many jobs below your pay expectations and skill level to build your portfolio for better jobs down the road. Make sure you have at least 6 months of bill money in savings to supplement the lower rate of pay as a beginning Freelancer, according to most experts. Once you build a network of clients, you will learn how your pay flows. This will lead to stability, but it will take a while to reach the level of stability you once had with a regular 9-to-5 job. Some never will!

More Family Time

Many people think, “I’m going to be a Freelancer; working from home, I will be with my family all the time!” This is true and not at the same time. While you will be home as a Freelancer, you will need to set time and space to devote specifically to work. In the beginning, you will spend most days, and nights, devoting time to building client relationships. Honestly, you will likely spend up to 16 hours a day “working” for the first few months. This depends on you completely. Some can do it spending less time working, but taking longer to build the relationships with clients. You will work on many projects just to build a portfolio as a Freelancer. Remember, this is the most important thing because it will be your résumé for future work. You will also be able to use some clients as references. Once you have a reliable set of clients and begin earning the income you want, you can take a step back, work less, and focus more on family time. Freelancing is a rewarding way of life, but it takes time to become what you want it to be. There are many advantages to being able to set your own hours, just remember this will take time.

Only Answer to Yourself and Your Clients

Being a Freelancer means being your own boss. You only need to answer to yourself and your clients. While your clients are like a boss, they are more like a business partner in a way. They will have many expectations that you will need to meet to receive payment. You are providing a service to these people. You will work with them to give them the exact results they desire, whatever the project may be. Since you are your own boss, you choose who to work for and whom to avoid. This is what makes it more like having a business partner than a boss. You will have repeat clients if your work is satisfactory. You will get to associate with many people from just as many industries. It will be a time to grow and learn. The learning and growing will never stop because there will always be new experiences and new clients just waiting to collaborate on a project! Remember that you will have to answer to your clients if you choose to slack and continually miss deadlines. This is not good practice as a Freelancer. You will lose clients, money and opportunities if you choose to work in this way. Your reputation is on the line with every client on every project. Setting your own schedule also means planning sick and vacation days. Illness is something that you cannot plan. If you do become ill, the good news is you can work during the times of day that you feel better without leaving your bed. If you are not working on a project at the time, you can announce to your clients that you need to take some time off before working on new projects so they can plan to find someone else while you are out of commission.

The decision to become a Freelancer is not an easy one. There are many considerations to think about when choosing this lifestyle. If you choose to become a Freelancer, let this article be part of your guide and learn from others and me who found out the hard way all the joy and hardship that comes with the change!

 ©2012 Beverly Sadler


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Why Should You Outsource?

The decision to outsource is a tough decision to make. You are exposing your business to the an employee you have little control over. You are going out of your comfort zone to trust someone you know nothing about. When it comes to outsourcing, you have to take a chance if you want your company to expand and grow! Let me, the WV Virtual Assistant, share some of the workload! Here are some things you should consider when deciding if outsourcing is right for you:

  1. Do you have the time to do all the task you want to do? – Whether it is creating a website, making contact list to send a mailing to new or existing customers, or getting your start in social media marketing, you may not have time to do everything you would like to do with your business. Choosing to outsource is a great way to get these extra tasks completed! Find the right assistant and let them handle the work for you. You have enough to worry about from day-to-day. Let a virtual assistant get started working for you, and watch your business grow.
  2. How many employees do you have? – If you are a small business with only a few full-time employees, outsourcing is a great way to increase business. Most likely, your full-time employees have many things on their plate already. Having one or more extra people, via independent contractors, can give you the edge you need to get ahead of your competition.
  3. What types of tasks do you want to complete but don’t have time for? – Make a list of things that you want to do for your company to make it better. Do you have a company website? You need one if you want to reach out to an unlimited number of customers. Do you want to bring in new customers? Having a contact list created can get you started. Are you using Social Media? Your competitors are! Make sure you don’t fall behind. Get your company in the loop with a contractor who provides social media management.

In today’s competitive market, you have to get out there and take chances. Choose the WV Virtual Assistant, and I will prove that outsourcing is one of the best business decisions you’ll ever make!

 ©2012 Beverly Sadler