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Why Should You Outsource?

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The decision to outsource is a tough decision to make. You are exposing your business to the an employee you have little control over. You are going out of your comfort zone to trust someone you know nothing about. When it comes to outsourcing, you have to take a chance if you want your company to expand and grow! Let me, the WV Virtual Assistant, share some of the workload! Here are some things you should consider when deciding if outsourcing is right for you:

  1. Do you have the time to do all the task you want to do? – Whether it is creating a website, making contact list to send a mailing to new or existing customers, or getting your start in social media marketing, you may not have time to do everything you would like to do with your business. Choosing to outsource is a great way to get these extra tasks completed! Find the right assistant and let them handle the work for you. You have enough to worry about from day-to-day. Let a virtual assistant get started working for you, and watch your business grow.
  2. How many employees do you have? – If you are a small business with only a few full-time employees, outsourcing is a great way to increase business. Most likely, your full-time employees have many things on their plate already. Having one or more extra people, via independent contractors, can give you the edge you need to get ahead of your competition.
  3. What types of tasks do you want to complete but don’t have time for? – Make a list of things that you want to do for your company to make it better. Do you have a company website? You need one if you want to reach out to an unlimited number of customers. Do you want to bring in new customers? Having a contact list created can get you started. Are you using Social Media? Your competitors are! Make sure you don’t fall behind. Get your company in the loop with a contractor who provides social media management.

In today’s competitive market, you have to get out there and take chances. Choose the WV Virtual Assistant, and I will prove that outsourcing is one of the best business decisions you’ll ever make!

 ©2012 Beverly Sadler



Author: rowynyew

WV Virtual Assistant For You! Hello, I am currently working as a virtual assistant. I live in West Virginia, hence the name. I offer many office-related and writing services. I am currently accepting contract work. Please contact me via the contact page to discuss availability and pricing.

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